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VALVOLINE POWER COMMONRAIL SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend engine oil is designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in modern, low emission common rail diesel engines, including those with EGR, operating under a wide variety of service conditions. The advanced product technology offers a long life and extended drain capability. The balanced formulation helps to maximize the engine durability. VALVOLINE POWER COMMONRAIL SAE 10W-30 is recommended for use in modern commonrail diesel engines for pick up. It also can be used in bus, truck and others diesel powered equipment. Capable for use in Biodiesel fuel up to B20. POWER COMMONRAIL ADVANTAGES ? Unique Special Dispersant Technology (SDT) with premium base oils, provide advanced soot control and cold start protection. ? Valve train wear protection and reduced oil filter restriction at high soot levels. ? High temperature deposit control, including single and two-piece pistons and ring/liner ? High oxidation and nitration stability to extend oil drain interval (ODI) and prolong engine life.


Product Return Policy

Returns must be made immediately upon checking the goods on delivery , only if the received goods are either damaged and or wrong product /size subject however to the condition that the product packaging /seal is not broken . Returns shall be handed over to the courier and the refund will be made to the credit card within 7 working days .

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