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Form Labs – Form 3

The desktop 3D printer that set the standard for affordable, professional 3D printing, this Formlabs printer is engineered for precision, and designed for reliability. Print files can be sent over Wifi and managed directly from a touchscreen interface. Formlabs printers are renowned for consistency in delivering high quality prototypes with less time and effort. With a one-click print feature, this 3D printer takes usability to the next level.


Product Return Policy

Returns must be made immediately upon checking the goods on delivery , only if the received goods are either damaged and or wrong product /size subject however to the condition that the product packaging /seal is not broken . Returns shall be handed over to the courier and the refund will be made to the credit card within 7 working days .

The Product is available for purchase through direct orders made to our team. Please submit your details and required number of units below and our team will get back to you.