Forklift CLG2018A-S

United Motors Forklift CLG2018A-S Construction Equipment

From an expansive range of products, we bring you LiuGong forklifts, versatile and reliable machines that are highly demanded across the world for their ergonomic design, premium features and proven durability. Machine operator environments are designed to help drivers maintain peak productivity for longer. This is achieved by providing unobstructed sightlines and eliminating fatigue inducing movements and functions for the operator.


GENERAL    Model    
Power Type   Electric
Base Capacity @rated load center 1,800kg
Load Center   500mm
WEIGHTS    Service Weight Unloaded with minimum weight battery 3,150kg
Axle Load  Loaded, front / rear  
Unloaded, front / rear 508 / 1,433kg
Tyres Tire Type Pneumatic
TYRES     Wheels Front / rear 2/2
Wheelbase   1,340mm
Tire Size  Front 6.50-10-10PR
Rear 5.00-8-8PR
Tread Width Front / rear 920 / 880
MAST        Max. Fork Height With std2 – stage mast 3,000mm
Freelift With std2 – stage mast 135mm
Height, Upright Lowered With std2 – stage mast 2,070mm
Height, Upright Extended With std2 – stage mast 4,115mm
Mast Tilt, Fwd / Back With std2 – stage mast Deg 6o/7o
Carriage Width 1,040mm
Fork Spread Minimum / maximum 222 / 1,010mm
Fork Dimensions T x W x L 35 x 100 x 920mm
CHASSIS         Length to Fork Face With std2 – stage mast 2,075mm
Overall Width   1,180mm
Overhead Guard Height   2,050mm
Turning Radius Minimum outside 1,862mm
Fork Overhang With std2 – stage mast 440mm
Right Angle Stack Add load length and clearance 3,502mm
Ground Clearance  Minimum loaded 95mm
Center of wheelbase 115mm
Battery Compartment Length / width / height 494 / 912 / 675mm
PERFORMANCE       Travel Speed  Loaded / unloaded  15 / 15 kph
 Lift Speed  Loaded / unloaded  0.35 / 0.50 m/s
 Lower Speed  Loaded / unloaded  0.52 / 0.48 m/s
 Max. Drawbar Pull  5 min. rating  1,150kg
   60 min. rating  214kg
 Max. Gradeability  5 min. rating  20%
 SYSTEMS        Controllers  Drive / hydraulic (make, type)  Inmotion / AC
 Motors   Drive output (60 min. rating)  8kW
 Hydraulic output (15 min. rating)  15kW
 Battery     Type  Lead Acid
 Voltage  48
 Max. capacity (6 hour rating)  480Ah
 Weight, minimum / maximum  760 / 920kg


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