Mini Tandem Roller VMT 330

United Motors Mini Tandem Roller VMT 330 Construction Equipment

An entry-level road construction machine, this JCB mini roller is ideal for multiple applications including road compaction, footpaths, trenches, rural roads as well industrial and residential columns. With a drum size of 1200mm, the mini roller is zero maintenance with a lifetime lubricated central joint. Ergonomically located controls provide the controller with utmost comfort and minimum physical effort.

Quick Specs

  • Drum Size (mm): 1250
  • Machine Operating Weight (kg): 3300
  • Maximum Engine Power (kW): 33.07 (45hp)


  • Fuel Efficient Engine
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Best in Class Compaction Parameters
  • Superior Performance
  • Best in Class Operator Comfort and Safety

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